Boudoirs, brunch, artisanal marshmallows, escapes, cupcakes, floral arrangements, kale chips, latte art, dream boats, pungent cheeses served with olive bread, haikus, 1950’s beach photos, chandeliers, road trips, secret gardens, isms and everything else we daydream about.

Some photos courtesy of the beautiful sites that we visit.*


6 responses to “About

  1. hi! You girls have a blog!
    who knew!
    I will be an avid follower starting now.

  2. the most fabulous blog!!!! biggest fan Sam

  3. very beautiful and creative!!! love it!!!
    you girls aren’t just pretty faces… clearly very deep and thoughtful

  4. can you get lisa to make me a ‘mad et lil’ t shirt.

  5. Its like you guys are making a blog of my favourite things and adding pretty photos of things I do like but I didnt know about. Love it!

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